Photography allows me the opportunity to record life as I see it. I like all types of photography, but I particularly enjoy capturing images of nature, portraits, and dance. Nature provides endless opportunities to photograph the beautiful natural world around us, including flowers, flora, and beautiful scenery. Portraits have always been an attraction for me, as an image of a human face is both timeless and immediate, a frozen moment of a person and an instant. As far as I can remember, I've always enjoyed creating photographic memories for people, and I have been the unofficial photographer for my family and close friends for many years. Finally, dance is, to me, one of the most thrilling subjects to photograph, since it is a combination of both strength and grace. As a student of dance myself, I have a great appreciation of the athletic skills of the dancers, of their strength and agility. Dance is also one the most challenging photographic subjects. Even though I photograph portraits and nature mostly in natural light, dance performances often happen in low light with fast movements, a tricky combination.

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Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) and a NYIP Award of Merit recipient

BA from the University of California at Berkeley in Architecture