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MPC Spring Dance Performance, 2019 (2 of 2)

The MPC dance department was pleased to return to MPC Theatre Morgan Stock Stage with its annual spring dance concert. Many talented dance students and their faculty performed a variety of dances under the directions of Deanna Ross, Pam Keindl, Jamaica Sinclair and Marcus Woods. A few of the featured guest performers and choreographers were Alia Elyas, Cherrie Paghasian, Callie McKenzie, Jonathan Lipow, Melissa Kamnikar, Carmel Delights, Alisha Marie Ragland, Erica Freestone, Kylie Nizza, Alia Elyas with Sabrina Lonis, Melissa Karasek, Arick Arzadon with Stephanie Woods.

Artistic Director: Deanna Ross Lighting Designer/Board, Operator/Stage Manager: Ana Maximoff Sound Operator: Pepper St. Clair Deck Captain: Shannon Leigh Gaughf House Manager/Box Office: Henry Guevara Graphic Artwork, Photography: Chunyi McIver Videographer: Michael Buffo Concert Administration: Amber Mettler Ushers & Volunteers: MPC Dance Community, Students and Faculty
With special thanks to MPC's P.E. Division and Theatre Arts Department.